Bourbon family tree

Posted on 20 Nov 2013 Bourbon family tree

(Via GQ)

Discontinuing Feedburner

Posted on 26 Sep 2013

I am about to close my Feedburner account, so if you are subscribed via an RSS reader and want to continue receiving updates from this website, you’ll need to point your reader at the new feed URL: Sorry about the inconvenience, but I am not convinced that Google will keep Feedburner up and running, and I don’t want to be caught by surprise.

Beautiful tornado map

04 Jun 2012 A beautiful map from IDV Solutions of the last fifty-six years of U.S. tornado tracks. From the introductory blog post: Got this data from NOAA via the spectacular

Google imposing more restrictions on Google Maps API

15 May 2012 Google continues the trend of tightening down the Google Maps API terms of service. From section 10.1.1.g of the updated Google Maps/Google Earth APIs Terms of Service: No...

Amen to this (on Readability and Instapaper)

01 Apr 2012 Anil Dash in “Readability, Instapaper, the Network, and the Price We Pay”: Readability and Instapaper are two awesome reading tools that actually aren't in competition since Readability is mostly...

NASA visualizes earth's ocean currents

27 Mar 2012 A beautiful map from NASA of the earth’s ocean currents. Click through to see a video....

Presenting on NPMap at FOSS4G North America

16 Mar 2012 I found out a few days ago that my session to FOSS4G North America was accepted, so I’ll be presenting on Tuesday at 4pm at the conference. The conference is...

NASA map of US trees

06 Mar 2012 (NASA Earth Observatory via Co.DESIGN)

Two new iOS apps that are worth downloading

29 Feb 2012 I don’t think I’ve ever written about a mobile application before, but today I downloaded two awesome new iOS applications, and I wanted to share the news: Readability -...

"Happiness takes (a little) magic"

20 Feb 2012 Happiness is the most important metric in personal tech. If it improves lives, it is important. I've always suspected that sitting around on the internet was a sort of rot,...

TileMill coming to Windows

17 Jan 2012 Catching up on some news from last week. I’m really happy to see that TileMill will be able to run natively on Windows sometime in the next few months. I...